Sarah Angold Studio Jewellery Collaboration

Jewellery and Lighting Designer Sarah Angold is known for her futuristic eye-catching pieces, drawing inspiration from graphic shapes, mathematical structures and industrial processes including laser cutting and acid etching. Prod worked on a collaborative project with Sarah and her studio to bring 3d Printing technology into her latest collection, launched at Paris Fashion Week 2014

Collaborating on the design concepts Prod took the initial sketches and created 3D CAD models suitable for 3D printing. Prototypes were produced in-house using our zCorp 350 and Formlabs Form 1 3D Printers to explore the construction, aesthetic and textures available, before developing the final pieces for the collection


Chamela Necklace: 3D printed on our zCorp 350

Spirato Earrings: 3D printed in White Plastic with Acrylic

Stilio Necklace:  3D printed on the zCorp 350 with Acrylic back

Surana Necklace: 3D Printed Brass and Lasercut Acrylic

Surana Necklace: 3D Printed Brass and Lasercut Acrylic

Tasura Necklace: 3D print with Acrylic backing

Tasura Earring: 3D print with Acrylic and Brass

Some final pieces were manufactured in-house on our own 3D printers such as the zCorp 350, and some were produced using 3D Printing services such as Shapeways. This gave access to a wide range of materials, including a variety of plastics as well as 3D Printed metals such as Brass.

Prototyping the designs using our in-house 3D Printing facilities not only reduced development costs for the project, but also sped up the process ensuring the whole collection could be developed and produced in the short turnaround time required in the Fashion Industry. 

Even some pieces that don't feature a 3D Printed component have used the technology. Moulds were 3D Printed and filled with resins, producing shapes used in final pieces.

Trufelo Necklace:  3D printed on the zCorp 350 with Acrylic and Brass back

Linnora Earrings: 3D printed in Black Plastic with Acrylic 

Linart Earrings: 3D printed on the zCorp 350 with Acrylic back

Chinli Necklace: 3D print and Acrylic 

Natina Earrings: 3D Print and Acrylic back


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