User Centred Design


Prod offers design led business consultancy, applying user centred design to a range of business problems and opportunities.

User Centred Design (or UCD) is the process of designing with the users involved at all stages.  This results in an de-risked design built from the actual needs and wants of the intended user, creating a result with an optimum user experience, and a reduction in required iterations and therefore development cost

Our User Centred Design process usually tackles projects in 6 stages:


  • Research - Look into the market, identify stakeholders and existing knowledge
  • Definition - Define the problem, business needs and KPIs
  • Ideation - Identify solutions and opportunities
  • Design - Prototype the results identified
  • Test - Deploy the prototypes to test the solution
  • Implementation - Finalise the solution in market and ensure user defined product translates into the final delivered product

We have a range of UCD methods to extract user insight, which can be tailored depending on the project aims, size and budget. To find out more about some of the User Centred Design techniques we deploy, and how UCD can help your company, please read our introduction pack which can be downloaded here.

Contact Us so we can tailor a UCD methodology to your next project.


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