Commusoft Branded Materials

To coincide with the launch of Commusoft's new branding they approached us to produce a range of branded materials to showcase the new brand both internally and externally. Prod produced a range of functional pieces for use in their office and at events and exhibitions.

Booklets & eBooks

Prod designed and created branded document templates for the guys at Commusoft. From sales documents, to blog posts, to booklets, to eBooks, templates were created to provide a range of material. Two different styles of content were designed: formal and informal, allowing flexibility. With branded templates in a range of formats, a continuous design has been established to ensure a constant brand image.

Laser-cut Device Stands

Prod designed and manufactured custom device stands for both the Apple and Android devices used by Commusofts' developers. The modular design of the stands allows the devices to be re-arranged to the developers' liking, in portrait or landscape and are designed to be laser cut and assembled.

Bespoke Coasters

We laser-cut acrylic to produce coasters which matched the app icon for the new Commusoft Branding. The square with rounded edges perfectly reflects the shape of the iOS app icon. The vibrant orange acrylic also showed off the new orange highlight colour, a feature of the new brand design.

White Stacks.jpg

Wooden coasters were also laser-cut showcasing the new Commusoft logo in full. A dark ply was used to accentuate the difference between cut and uncut areas, and the coasters were fully waterproofed to avoid them becoming warped or marked from use. These coasters are perfect for reinforcing the branding in the Commusoft office, as well as distributing to customers to build their brand awareness, fitting into a standard sized envelope for easy postage.

Roller Banners

Perfect for use at events and exhibitions we produced the following roller banner showing Commusoft's contact links, strap-line and some preview screens of their app and web interface. The design of the banner brings together all of the elements of the new Commusoft brand.

Business Cards & Stickers

Using the main new colour of the Commusoft Brand, and the App Icon the new business card designs strongly promote the new brand. They are clean and minimal, using the vibrant colours to attract attention. 

The stickers are a great way of quickly and easily branding any items for posting and displays at events and exhibitions.


Commusoft Display Stand

Featuring eye-catching screenshots and branding all around the stand, this modular exhibition stand was debuted at the Field Service Expo at the Excel Centre. It provides ample space for 3 demo stations, as well as a tv display for video. Due to it’s modular nature, the stand can be adapted and updated for use at various different events, with opportunities for different sizes and layouts.

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