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Presence Orb enables businesses in Retail, Hospital & Advertising to better understand how their customers use their premises and services allowing for the identification of bottle necks & pain points before that effect a company's bottom line. Prod has completed a range of work for them, providing a full-service design package, ensuring that their brand is represented consistently through all of their materials, presentations and even hardware


The website was designed and implemented to match the updated branding that Prod created for Presence Orb. The website is clean and simple to use to enable clients to access the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. It channels users through to the relevant section most important to them, providing an overview on the homepage, and then detailed content in each of the three areas Presence Orb are focussed on; Retail, Advertising and Hospitality. The Presence Orb website can be found at


Logo Design

The Presence Orb logo was designed to visually demonstrate connectivity as well as the use of WiFi (a key component of how Presence Orb works). It uses interconnected lines, patterned subtly across the O to hint at the existence of the Presence Orb network 



Branded Documents

These brochures were created to give prospective clients an overview of the value that Presence Orb offers. They are visually rich and use infographics to display and demonstrate the main points, making the content easy to digest. The graphics and images used are an extension of the Presence Orb brand, accompanying the information displayed on its website

Case Design & Manufacture

A bespoke electronics casing was designed to house a version of their product that could be sent out to any location. To be produced in small numbers we designed the Orb, created a 3d model in CAD and then 3d printed the casing. With the Orb electronics inside we vacuum-formed a styrene cover around the 3d printed case to give a high quality surface finish. The Presence Orb logo was lasercut in birch and added into the case

"Having come across Prod Design almost by accident we are so thankful we did. Prod have produced some fantastic design across physical products, brochures and logos for Presence Orb. No ask was too much trouble and having produced some fantastic work for us on very tight deadlines we would recommend them to anyone in need of a professional and forward thinking design company"

Thomas Sheppard

Founder & CEO of Presence Orb


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