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Stickyworld is an online consultation and feedback platform that makes it easy to engage people in effective conversations about visual topics. Prod has consulted on a range of design tasks with Stickyworld, from Branding to User Interface to User Journey/User Experience

Logo Re-Design

Stickyworld has evolved as a company towards a technology based platform and wanted their logo and branding to reflect that. The updated logo design is a flatter design, with more colours added to the Stickyworld colour palette. The flat look and vibrant colours are much more suited to the technology company aesthetic

Website Design

The stickers website has been designed for a collaborative project powered by the Stickyworld platform, which aims to bring more young people into the town planning process. The site has been designed to appeal to this target market, whilst still aligning with the traditional viewers in this sector. The site is fully responsive, with its own colour scheme and branding

Branded Documents

A range of branded document templates have been created for Stickyworld. Sales brochures display the benefits and features of the Stickyworld platform, with a focus on specific use cases. The user manuals are sent out as an accompaniment to the website, and guide users through initial use of the product. For both, the branding is consistent with that used in the website, and graphics and bold colours within the colour palette are used to draw attention to key points for the reader


"We asked Prod Designs to work with us to evolve a new logo,supporting marketing collateral, and to review elements of our software's user experience. They offered a very reliable service, with fresh thinking that draws on a solid understanding of how design, communication and technology work together to make a useful product. Their flexibility and breadth of expertise is valuable to any tech start up seeking help on a wide range of design related issues."

Michael Kohn CEO 


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